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The company has been established at the end of 1995, it was a spin-off of Thomson-CSF, now THALES. Three persons have designed, marketed and manufactured the first prototypes based of the 3D patents owned by Thomson-CSF. Three years after, 3D Plus has bought 7 patents (registered by C. Val). 3D Plus has now 26 patents on the field of 3D interconnection.

Main domains of 3D PLUS activity are Space (85%), Medical and Avionics. The technology called Flow 1 & 2 are fully qualified by almost all the space Agencies: CNES, ESA, NASA,JPL, JAXA, CAST, ISRO etc.
The new technology has been launched by 3D Plus  in 2004, which is a Full Wafer Level Stacking.

Now 3D Plus has a staff of around 110 people with a R&D department of 10 people including 5 PhD.
Mid 2011 3D Plus has been bought by a US family own Company: HEICO.


Role of 3D PLUS in theFAB2ASM

3D Plus will be in charge of identifying limits of competitive technologies, benchmarking of performance of the novel manufacturing technology against current ones. 3D PLUS contributes to establishing roadmaps for FAB2SM concept and implementation in industry.


Key persons

Christian Val ,  is the Founder of 3D Plus . He is now a full time Consultant for the HEICO Group. He has an Engineer Degree and received a PhD on Physics on 1969. He is graduated from IAE/Paris (Management and Finance).He has worked with Thomson-CSF during 25 years and was at the Scientific Council of the Thomson Group. From 1995 he was the CEO and the Technical Director of 3D Plus. He published around 150 international papers and help 105 patents among them 26 are in the 3D interconnection.
Pascal Couderc is in charge of the R&D department for 6 years. He has a Phd Degree and has worked 10 years with Alcatel on the RF microelectronics



Christian Val
3D Plus SA
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