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Objectives :

  • FAB2ASM will develop a new manufacturing technology for 3D integration of microelectronics and microsystems which is simultaneously very fast and very accurate – which currently is the bottle neck limiting industry take-up.
  • FAB2ASM will overcome the current conflict between speed and accuracy by joining the traditional robotic tools with the physics of self-alignment – where tiny chips will align due to surface tension of liquid or other physical forces acting at the microscale.

  • FAB2ASM will develop a highly industry relevant technology that not only reuses most of the industrial process steps, but also improves the performance of the integration process in terms of precision and efficiency.

  • FAB2ASM will allow handling of small (100 μm) and/or thin dies (20 μm) and ultra high speed assembly (40,000 unit per hour), while ensuring industry proven reliability. Three industry-led demonstrators will validate the achievements in the fields of manufacturing equipment, photonic IC and microelectronics.